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24-Hour Bodyguard Services

Highly trained and certified bodyguards to deal with any situation, so that your safety is always guaranteed.

24-Hour Bodyguard Services

We guarantee you the best personal and executive protection under any circumstance, whether it’s a major sporting, social or business event. In complete safety!

Movie premiers
Crowds, glamour and excitement can be fun, but also very overwhelming. We’ll help you feel safe and in control.

Launches and Exhibitions
We’ll help any event go off without a hitch, making sure nothing goes wrong and that you have a great time.

Shopping trips
Sometimes you just want to head out and do a little shopping without any fuss, we can make that happen.

Corporate - executive protection
If you’re concerned about you or your family’s safety, we can help put your mind at rest

Sporting events
Like any big crowded event, things can quickly become overwhelming, we’ll make sure you stay totally in control and safe

Corporate meetings
Having a lot of important people in one location can be a real security risk. Fortunately, that’s a situation we can deal with.

Dinner engagements
Going out for a meal shouldn’t be a cause for concern. We’ll make sure you feel totally safe throughout.

Celebrity-based hospitality and events
Looking after guests of honour, and making sure events go off without a problem is our forte.

24-hour protection
For when you need to be totally confident when it comes to safety and security, we offer 24-hour protection.

Gallery openings
We’ll help you feel safe, secure and in control no matter the event.

Residential security
It can be hugely beneficial to know your home, family and property is totally safe and looked after.

Travel in Italy
Travel can be an awkward change in schedule, made worse by real security risks. We’ll make sure you’re totally safe throughout.